ZXD Hommes Toe Chic Bas Talon Slip Imprimé Sur Mocassins Round Round Toe Flats Casual Bateau Chaussures Imprimé léopard fb11fdd

Caoutchouc semelle
HEEL HEIGHT --- Approx. 1,18 (3 cm). mocassins exquis sont assis sur le caoutchouc robuste semelle extérieure.
RAFFINÉE DESIGN --- Le slip sur et Leopard Imprimer les détails prêt à la sophistiquée regarde de cet intemporel silhouette chic.
OCCASION --- Costume pour les affaires réunion, bureau Travail, voyage, Rencontres, Soirée fête et ainsi de suite.
LIVRAISON TIME --- Habituellement, il faudra 7-15 jours ouvrables à arrivée. expédition nécessaire, s'il vous plaît contactez notre service client librement.
PERSONNALISATION SERVICE --- Personnalisé Taille, largeur, matériel, Couleur et motif sont disponibles.

ZXD Hommes Toe Chic Bas Talon Slip Imprimé Sur Mocassins Round Round Toe Flats Casual Bateau Chaussures Imprimé léopard fb11fdd - pinaywalk.club

Links to Firedocs web sites are below.

ZXD Hommes Toe Chic Bas Talon Slip Imprimé Sur Mocassins Round Round Toe Flats Casual Bateau Chaussures Imprimé léopard fb11fdd

My grandfather once told me, shortly before he died, that when you get old (he was 87 then) the only things you remember are the things you dared to do and the things you didn't dare to do. ~~ All the daily stuff, the things you had to do, the things someone paid you to do, blur into the nothingness of 'unimportant to your soul', and when you look back on your life you only see the dreams you made happen and the dreams you were afraid to pursue. ~~ He said you only feel like you "lived" the days where you did something you valued鈥攁nd so if you didn't pursue the things you valued on a daily basis, you would find yourself an old man who somehow feels like he never really got to live.

Since then, I have made an effort to keep things in my life that support what I find interesting personally and what I feel are important to humanity. Things that have value to me. Sometimes that means I do work for free. Sometimes it means I support good causes. Always it means I do what I believe in, I say what I think, and I refuse to be swayed by the politics or religions of the passing eras, most of which were beyond help long before I came along anyway.

Firedocs was a DOS directory name--documents from my former USENET screen name (c. 1993), Fire--now it is a collection point for my projects, for projects of others I host free because I think they're neat ideas, and sometimes links to other things my family is doing. For those who've been routed here for my business work, my resume is here [pdf] and some longer gory details here. ~~ Yep, that's my introduction. I'm too busy for anything more formal. I figure I have the luxury of being completely uninteresting on my own site if I want. Send me a note if you wish. -- PJ

Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection (Info) www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/ | A huge collection of information on the subject, the history, the practice, the people, the science, and more. One of the first websites online for RV since late 1995, it's still the best and most legit site for info you'll find. Archives with former US Gov't intelligence men re: the topic; the original DIA/Army manual; FAQs and methods and media transcripts and more. If you're serious about RV, this oughtta be a bookmark for free-time reading. Hands-On: Go View! The TKR Remote Viewing Galleries www.RVGalleries.com | You can view or just lurk and watch others. There's individual practice targets and weekly group targets. You can be anonymous if you're shy. You can comment on others' work. You can just get interesting practice targets to do privately if you prefer--categorized and with advanced options. There's a ton of other cool stuff for viewers in the wings. Anybody seriously interested in remote viewing should be a member of this site (it's free). It's part of the TKR Project, which is initiated and owned by me but actually run by a whole bunch of other good people whose interests and backgrounds span the spectrum of the field. Everything Psi: Remote Viewing Message Board Complex ZXD Hommes Toe Chic Bas Talon Slip Imprimé Sur Mocassins Round Round Toe Flats Casual Bateau Chaussures Imprimé léopard fb11fdd www.RVWebForum.com | Have a question about anything RV? This is where to get it answered. And from a variety of viewers, too, from different areas of the field. Pretty much every psi-related topic imaginable is found here, as well as news & stuff from a variety of RV-related organizations, and links, on a board with more to read than you can imagine. Joseph W. Mcmoneagle's Remote Viewing www.mceagle.com/remote-viewing/ | A personal site featuring info about legendary Viewer Joseph McMoneagle, his books, his media, and more. This link is to his RV media page. Which is usually outdated, ironically. Anyway there are links down below to lots of old media articles that are a neat historical look at RV's public release. Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
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www.lfr.org | Home of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research under Director Edwin C. May Ph.D., this is the physics lab that did most of the US Government remote-viewing research and continues to do much of the leading-edge research in the field. RV examples, information on analysis, science protocol and more. Just the facts, ma'am. ALSO: Try this library page at James Spottiswoode's site: www.jsasoc.com/library for several additional psi-related white papers. Dr. Charles T. Tart Virtual Library Brooks Femmes Ravenna 8 Berry / Aqua Splash / Punch au citron vert Chaussure de course à pied en mousse fraîche Zante V3 de New Balance pour femmes Vivid Ozone Bleu / Blanc Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Couleur saisonnière Hi Gun Metal / Blanc , Skechers Chaussure de randonnée Go Trail 2 - Grip pour femme Chocolat , Teva Men s Sand Sandal Rocio Olive Chaussures de course Brooks Womens Ariel 16 Overpronation Stability Anthracite / Violet Cactus Fleur / Primer Gris , Chaussure de marche WW1865v1 de New Balance pour femmes Violet , Baskets Superior 3.5 d Altra pour femmes Rose , Sam Edelman Femmes Gigi Petites paillettes en étain Chaussure de course NIKE Kids Roshe One (GS) Blanc / Pure Platinum / Blanc , Hey Pony Sandal pour les femmes Naughty Monkey blanc SAS Femmes Mystic Sandales en cuir à bout ouvert Casual Slingback Noir , ECCO Sandale femme à 2 brides Freja Shadow White Classique , Under Armour Women s Drift 2 Noir (001) / Blanc , Apis Mt. Noir VICTORIC Dash Slip-On Sneaker Black Charcoal 7 M - Vionic Flex Sierra Lace-up pour femme Charbon noir Ros Hommerson Chelsea Mary Jane - Chaussures à enfiler pour femmes Étain , Rebeca Perf Sneaker pour femmes de Mephisto Taupe léger Vans Unisexe Old Skool Classic Chaussures de skate Bleu gobelin / vrai blanc , Chaussures de vélo R3 Donna Road de Fizik pour femmes Noir , Sam Edelman Sandales à lacets pour femmes Nouveau nu Easy Street Katerina Sandales pour femmes Noir , Trotteurs Femme Dea Slingback Pump Marine , Sam Edelman Sandales habillées Patti pour femmes Bonbon Rouge SAS Roamer Chaussures à enfiler Marine , Easytime Traveltime Mule pour femme Pierre-feuille bleue , Jacques Levine Pantoufles 4640 pour femme Or, argent , Cobb Hill Lizzie Ballet pour femmes de Rockport rouge Baskets Taos Oxford inspiré des femmes de Spira marron , www.paradigm-sys.com/cttart/ | Home Page and Consciousness Library Online. One of the founders of the field of Transpersonal Psychology, a leading-edge researcher in fields like hypnosis, consciousness and parapsychology since the 60's, Dr. Tart presents a library of his research in these fields and other information. The site is sponsored by me. Dr. Jessica M. Utts anson.ucdavis.edu/~utts | Home page for a statistician that has sometimes applied her skills toward analysis of parapsychology research. I formatted some research papers for this site, but otherwise am not involved with it.

ZXD Hommes Toe Chic Bas Talon Slip Imprimé Sur Mocassins Round Round Toe Flats Casual Bateau Chaussures Imprimé léopard fb11fdd - pinaywalk.club

Remote Viewer's Directory www.RVDirectory.org | Most folks are 'alone with' remote viewing; most their family, neighbors, church members, coworkers etc. aren't involved and in many cases would not respond well to the ideas. Many viewers dearly wish they could find someone fairly near to them, so maybe once in awhile they could do tasking or monitoring with someone else. The Remote Viewer's Directory allows you to post generic location info yet stay anonymous if you choose. Others in your region--whether viewers wanting friends or psi methods folks holding training in your area--can contact you to let you know they're around (and vice versa). The Archives Of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences (TASTE) www.issc-taste.org | An online journal that collects the "transpersonal" experiences of Scientists. Part of a noble effort to provide scientists an outlet for these experiences (normally repressed or invalidated by their peers) and other goals. Site owner: ISSC, Inc. Dr. Charles Tart, Editor. Site is mostly dynamic in nature. Bewilderness www.bewilderness.com | A "personal psychology case study" I wrote for a therapist friend years ago, about a few weird years of my life replete with occult symbols, aliens, entities, shamanic experiences and more. I put it on the web because I was too lazy to print it (it's an entire book). A surprising number of people have found it and written me about it so I figured I ought to make a "real" link to it somewhere. Exceptional Human Experience Network www.ehe.org | A developing site that will eventually be a library and a collection for the mystical, transpersonal, cosmic and other experiences of mankind, as well as for the research and scholarly work related to this subject. This project is more than simply collecting experiences; it is also a gradual, large-plan to find the correlations and meanings within these experiences that are unique to individuals and yet echo throughout human kind. The site also features special projects, essay contests, journal and related subscriptions, as well as network membership. PJ's Personal Archives www.firedocs.com/remoteviewing/pjarchives/ | Collected stuff from my own accounts. Real world stuff, email archives, unusual experiences I've had (some excerpts from Bewilderness, linked above, and others not in that), etc. A New Reality www.firedocs.com/carey/ | A site featuring unique philosophical and spiritual files, transcripts, excerpts and reviews. Bernadette Roberts and more. Great stuff. Site owners: Tom and Bill Carey ZXD Hommes Toe Chic Bas Talon Slip Imprimé Sur Mocassins Round Round Toe Flats Casual Bateau Chaussures Imprimé léopard fb11fdd The Imagians www.firedocs.com/imagians/ | An indepth review of the potential relationship between modern day so-called 'aliens' and the ancient mystic Qabalah. Unique and insightful. (Probably too scholarly for anybody not studied in the QBL/topic.) Site contributor: Joseph Kerrick Russell Targ www.espresearch.com/ | A site featuring the books (written by and published by) physicist and parapsychologist Russell Targ, as well as some articles and miscellany. Magic and Reason www.magicandreason.com | Dr. Joseph Felser's books and writing. Mocassins et Slip-Ons TROOP 389 www.firedocs.com/troop389/ | Boy Scouts!


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